Curiosity: A catalyst for learning

Curiosity enhances students learning because students tend to be drawn or get more interested in what sparked their curiosity. Fostering students curiosity makes them resilient towards learning, they tend to be active and comfortable in uncertainty by becoming critical thinkers, which nurtures their adaptability and strength. It has been shown that curiosity enhances memory, and curiosity increases when the level

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Digital tools for transformation in classrooms

Technology might have some of its disadvantages but the good outweighs the bad. Today’s world is a digital tool away from accessing resources and information, learning has been made easier through online learning sites and the popular YouTube channel that is brimming with a wealth of knowledge for both teachers and students. Digital tools such as smartphones, laptop, computer and

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8 Classroom Management Tips For New Academics

Classroom management is a skill that never goes out of style. This technique is used in keeping student-organized, orderly, focused and attentive during an academic task in class, which allows them to be academically productive. Experienced teachers are effective at managing the classroom while inexperienced teachers find it not easy thus leading to disorder in the classroom. Classroom management is

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