How to Break the Ice: Creative Ways to Get Your Class Talking

Ice breakers are important when you are trying to know your students. They are even more important if your students do not know one another well either. Depending on how your school organizes its classes, you may use these types of activities primarily at the beginning of the school year. You can also adapt icebreakers into activities to use when starting new topics. It is sometimes easier for students to share their ideas if they know the rest of the class will have to share theirs too.

Here are some fun icebreakers you can do with almost any class.

Learn Their Names
Been able to know the names of your students is a very good way to ensure there is communication in your classroom. In order to learn students’ names, you can conduct an activity where students take turns saying their names. To make it more interesting and to learn a little more about your class, ask students to include something specific such as their favourite food, colour, sport, or movie. By the end of the activity, you should try your best to say every student’s name.

Talk and Remember
Have students talk to the person to their right about a particular topic (hobbies, for instance). After a minute or two, have your students then turn to the person to their left and discuss another topic. You could also do this as a mingling exercise in which students have a limited amount of time to exchange information before moving on to the next person and conversation topic. Be sure to ask some students things they learned about their peers at the end of the activity so that they try their best to remember the conversations they had.

Icebreakers make for excellent activities because they offer students the opportunity to share things about themselves and learn about their peers. These activities often get students moving or thinking creatively and can be lots of fun, dissolving any tension or nervousness that might initially exist in the classroom. It’s important that students be able to interact with one another easily because learning is all about communication.